Postdoc KupSup

2-year Postdoc in Number Theory in Caen (Normandy)

The project « KupSup :  the p-adic Kudla program in higher dimensions » funded by the Normandy region (150K Euros, RIN Projet Émergent) offers a two year senior post-doc position under the supervision of Marc-Hubert NICOLE.

  • Starting date is: November 1st, 2022.
  • The position comes with no teaching requirements.
  • The position comes with a travel grant (10K Euros) as well as an equipment grant (2K Euros).
  • The stipend is competitive and markedly better than a French junior professor’s salary (details upon request).

The project is about the p-adic Kudla program in higher dimensions. Recall that the classical Kudla program studies special values of analytic functions such as Eisenstein series and L-functions, or alternatively liftings of modular forms, in terms of so-called special algebraic cycles on Shimura varieties. The p-adic Kudla program in higher dimensions studies the themes of p-adic variation in families of modular forms and algebraic cycles and their intricate relationship.

The candidate will integrate the Number Theory team of the LMNO laboratory All applications demonstrating a strong research potential in the field of the project will be considered.

Applications should be sent to the contacts below before end of July 2022, and consist of the following:

  • A complete CV, containing a list of publications.
  • A research statement, containing both a description of past works, a discussion of future project(s) and the potential collaboration with the p-adic Kudla project.
  • At least 2 reference letters.

There is possibility of readily taking part in local outreach activities if the candidate is interested (see

Contacts : Marc-Hubert NICOLE,